Widow’s Journal


I am so pleased you are here!

Had there been a website like this at my fingertips when my own husband died, I would’ve learned that others had the same fears and made similar if not identical mistakes. I also would’ve learned that it’s OK to celebrate small victories, almost like one celebrates the first steps of a baby. I might have felt less alone, less unsure of myself.

After speaking with both widows and widowers and leading several support groups I have come to the conclusion that we all have a common thread. Whether it happened yesterday, last week, last year or by now is just a memory, we can all close our eyes and recall the moment we knew were losing our partners, or when it happened and certainly the day he or she was put to rest. It’s because these images never fade, that I wanted to provide a place to read stories of how others have healed. But moreso, my hope is that you find this a place where you, too, can share your words with another someone who has recently entered the fold.

I once read that “Every end is a new beginning,” It really is true… Prepare yourself to celebrate the life you have ahead. Relish our words. Then, please, share you own.

Moving on is a gift you give to yourself…


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